Top height connection

to a lifting bar, beam, or any other object by the instrument’s hook or hanging band.


Middle or low height connection

to any pole, tree, or other appropriate object, by wrapping the instrument’s belt around the object, through the instrument’s hook or the special grooves at its sides.


Working together

take the installation band, thread it through the special grooves in the instrument’s sides, and wrap it around your partner’s waist, making them an anchor for the Q-Rope. The same way, you can connect without threading into the special grooves, by directly connecting the instrument’s hook to the band.



A special hanging device for the Q-Rope, anchored to the wall, rotates 180⁰. May be installed on a concrete wall. The kit includes a full set of screws for installation. * connecting the hanger to the wall is fixed and does not permit changing height.



A professional workout station with a perfect exercise and use experience. Permit working at various heights in all directions and angles with fast transitions between them, allowing you to get the maximum out of the device – and out of yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

A functional and mobile fitness instrument permitting a wide range of exercises at various levels of resistance.

The Q-Rope is appropriate to all people, of all ages. For anyone who wants to get fir, develop muscles, develop endurance and stamina, grow strong, and shape their body. Highly appropriate as well for rehabilitative work, physiotherapy, and disabled people thanks to the ability to work even at extremely low resistance levels.

All our products are manufactured in Israel.

The Q-Rope device, sports bag, band, and exercise booklet.

Thanks to the hanging hook, the Q-Rope installation is super-easy and very quick. Hang, adjust, and workout.

The Q-Rope can attach to any workout bar or other object by its Q-Band.

The Q-Rope is physically resilient and resistant to impact, and resistant to salt, humidity, and extreme weather. It is appropriate for installation and use both indoors and outdoors.

The rope is produced from Polyester made to our specifications, adjusted so it is extremely resistant to erosion.

You may buy our products directly from our web page or by calling Shay, 0528050834

Full one-year warranty. You are invited to contact us through our web page or by telephone/WhatsApp/e-mail with questions and requests. Our team will gladly provide you with professional answers to all queries.

Installing a Q-Door