Q-Rope - pulling you to the results you always wanted!

“This trophy is the result of arduous exercising with Q-Rope”

Yogev Malka, 2023 Israel ninja warrior winner, world record holder for rope climbing at Midoriyama mountain

We know what we are doing

Tal and Hadas – a company which originally specialized in the vehicular world and adheres to the world’s strictest standards. Quality means the world to us!

Q-Rope’s Strong Advantages

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Complies with international standards. Brings enormous results!

To overcome all challenges and to reach the best result of a rope which never falls apart and which is resistant to extreme conditions (such as salt and humidity stress and a wide range of thermal parameters) we consulted the best experts and worked with the best machines to produce the Q-Rope – the instrument complying with all international standards, bringing you mighty results!

The following video shows two machines helping us in producing the award-winning Q-Rope:

Connection Testing Machine: the black machine tests the rope repeatedly approx. 32,000 times at a 150kg weight.Dynamic Testing Machine: the blue machine tests the rope and the entire instrument. This process tells us of the rope’s balance: does it fall apart, what happens with it after years of strenuous work, etc. This machine tests the instrument with 250,000 pulls.

Let’s see you reach such an enormous number of pulls yourself with the Q-Rope! Try this yourself!

The same machines tested the rope’s quality, together with you, as we are always listening to your requests and complaints. From the beginning of this process, we reached the final, high-quality Q-Rope you see here: a stable and strong product leading you to your peak results!

Technical Specifications

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